Welcome to our page! We are two writers dedicated to spreading awareness of mental health through sharing poetry, articles, quotes and most importantly your real life experiences. If you have any personal experiences you’d like to share on our blog then please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can stay anonymous if you wish or we can give you credit.

The co-founders

Hi! I’m Faye, I’m 20 and from Chorley near Bolton in the UK. I write mostly poetry related to mental health and love. I also write short stories under the genre surrealism. I love reading, anything from Sylvia Plath to Charles Bukowski and Virginia Woolf. I also love sewing and designing my own clothes. I post my poetry daily on my Instagram and Twitter @morg4nlefaye. I also have a personal blog where I blog about my own mental health recovery as I recover from bi polar and a few episodes of psychosis at morgainlefaye.wordpress.com. I aspire one day to be a novelist and have my poetry published!

Hi! I’m Jacinta, I’m eighteen years old, from Ireland. I have anxiety.
I’m also a chronic illness sufferer and have had depression stem from that, and I want to show people that they’re never alone in their struggles. In my spare time, I love to read and write stories and poetry. I aspire to be a novelist and screenwriter. You can find my work on my Twitter at @HorganJacinta and my Instagram at @jmh_writer! I also share my writing at https://www.wattpad.com/user/JMH_Writer and https://www.inkitt.com/JMH_Writer.

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